TRU Start Courses (Gr.12)

TRU Start provides an opportunity for grade 12 students in our region to experience university life and earn post-secondary credits before high school graduation. Students have the opportunity to take up to two university courses on campus during their grade 12 year, one in the fall and one in the winter semester. For more information, please visit TRU Start Courses.

Application Process:

  1. Discuss your TRU Start options with your high school Trades and Transitions Coordinator.
  2. Review the application form and ensure that you meet course pre-requisites.
  3. Prepare your English essay if you are requesting to take a TRU English course(s).
  4. Submit your completed application with required application fee, in person to your high school's Trades and Transitions Coordinator.

Priority application deadline is April 14, 2023, for a guaranteed spot in an available course. Late applications my be considered if space permits.

Application: TRU Start COURSE 2023-2024 (Please print ONE-SIDED)

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