The Maker Way is an immersive philosophy, connecting students with hands-on learning experiences through educational projects or challenges. Participants engage in design thinking, creativity and problem solving. 

Students are presented with a real-world problem where they collaborate with their peers to design a prototype that is responsive and empathetic to its users. The design and construction of the prototype is based on student's ideas, questions, observations and experiences. Student's use the tools and resources supplied in the Maker kits to construct the prototype. Consumables and materials are supplied by the teacher and/or brought in by students.  Grants of $50 can be applied for on the TnT district website to put towards the cost of such supplies.

Groups present their final product of learning, explaining the design process and how it will better the lives of its' intended users. They are encouraged to take pictures of their finished product, as prototypes are taken apart and supplies recycled for the next the Maker Session.


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