Forestry and Environmental Camp

The Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp is a three day camp that is hosted at the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre. Learning takes place in a forest and aquatic ecosystem system setting at the Centre.  Students learn about the diversity of various environments and the range of related employment opportunities. Students interested in a career in any of the following areas are advised to attend the camp to learn more about the following subjects:

  1. Ecology, Silviculture – ecosystems, soil pits, plant and tree identification
  2. Entomology – bark beetles, defoliators and other forest pests
  3. Air Photos and Mapping – reading maps and air photos, use of stereoscope
  4. Search and Rescue – orienteering, search plan and implementation
  5. Range Ecology and Management – Lac du Bois Grasslands
  6. Tree Planting – BEC Zones, planting and restoration
  7. Fire Management – hand tools, fire pump operation, skills competition
  8. Aquatics – aquatic ecosystems, use of microscopes
  9. First Nations Practices – edible plants, medicine, culture
  10. Forest Measurements – GPS, tree height, diameter, age and volume

Who Attends: Twenty-six grade 11-12 students

Date: Early October

Location: McQueen Lake Environmental Camp

Fee: $75.00

Application Due Date: June 30th for guaranteed spots. Applications received afterwards are subject to availability

Application: coming out May 2020 for October 2020 camp.


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