The Trades and Transitions department supports hands on experiential learning opportunities for elementary students, related to implementation of the Applied Design, Skills and Technology Curriculum (ADST) and Career Education curriclulums.

Maker Way

The Maker Way is an educational initiative partially funded by the Industry Training Authority, in support of the Applied Design, Skills and Technology curriculum. Maker Way activities and projects have students working in teams through the elements of design (Understanding Context, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping, Testing, Making and Sharing), identifying relevant and meaningful needs, planning a construct to aide a specific user group with that need, building and refining a prototype and then meaningfully sharing their work. Far more than "tool time", Maker Way activities develop collaborative critical thinking in the context of a meaningful need or challenge.

We have provided every elementary school in our district with a Maker Kit full of youth appropriate tools, provided training to more than 300 district educators, pubished a safety guide and idea book, as well as providing Maker Grants to trained teachers to defray the costs of consumables needed for specific initiatives. More details can be found on our Maker page.

ADST Mini Samplers

In partnership with the Big Little Science Centre, we provide transportation and funding for every school in our district to send a grade 5 class to the Big Little Science Centre to experience a 1/2 day workshop in either the plumbing or electrical trade. Students work in groups to install sample systems into mock stud walls. In Plumbing, they install supply and drainage piping as well as a sink and taps. In Electrical, they install wiring to junction boxes, a plug, switch and light. Once the install is complete, the instructor tests it by hooking it up to running water or current. If the installation isn't working as intended, student are coached through troubleshooting until they are successful. Application for 2020 Mini Sampler.

 Elementary Trades Project Grant

Every elementary school can apply for a grant to defray the costs of tools and materials for a specific project that has students experiencing trades related skills in a "hands on" manner, such as cutting, gluing or fastening. Schools need only provide a brief description of the project, the skills students will be experiencing and the associated costs on the application form.

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