Career Development Elementary


Inspiring students to expand their horizons and build multiple possible career-life aspirations.

Career Development in Kindergarten to Grade 7 builds optimism and self-knowledge by asking students to identify and develop a sense of self, their personal interests and passions, and their skills and competencies through learning experiences in their school and their community. Career development encompasses reciprocal relationships, local and global needs and opportunities, and cultural and social awareness. It challenges stereotypes by expanding horizons, building aspirations, and creating more awareness of multiple career-life options.

Collaborate with the Career Education Coordinator

Connect with Allisson Badger, Career Education Coordinator to collaborate and co design and co teach career education sessions with your students. 

Career Education Guide and Resources

Every elementary school has a Career Education Guide K-7 and resource kit to help students grow their sense of self, make positive connections with community,  and explore multiple possible futures. See the pdf version Career Education Guide K-7 with hyper links to numerous tools and resources.

 Elementary Career Development Grant

Every elementary school can apply for a $200 grant to defray the costs of tools and materials for a specific project that has students experiencing Career Development opportunities and learning. Career Development Grant

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