Applied Sustainable Ranching (Gr. 12)

This program allows you to work with livestock on active ranches and learn how you can help create a sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture industry. You will learn the business of ranching and land management through business, communications, marketing, and economic courses, as well as natural resources, science and technology. The tools you will gain will allow you to build and manage a diversified and resilient ranching operation or agriculture business. (Courses are taken on-line, practicums will take place on a ranch). Although a formal application for this program is submitted during the student’s grade 11 year, it is essential that planning begin in their grade 10 year when the student is selecting courses for their grade 11 year.   

Application form Applied Sustainable Ranching for 2023-24 (Please print one sided)

*Only offered in the September intake with six seats available. 

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